Expand Your Creativity & Advance Your Career

Expand Your Creativity & Advance Your Career

Produced by AbelCine and FMC, the nation’s leaders in production and post-production training, the DP Creative Conference is a 3-day workshop and networking event for content creators who want to take the next step in their career as a Director of Photography.

About the conference

The DP Creative Conference is designed for camera operators, filmmakers, producers, and other creatives who are looking to maximize their creativity, efficiency, and technical mastery of the tools of their trade.

After three days of interactive instruction you will walk away with greater confidence and practical knowledge – ready to tackle your next project.

Produced by AbelCine and FMC – the nation’s leaders in production and post-production training, the DP Creative Conference is a 3-day training event held in the whoppingly creative Industry city, Brooklyn, NY.

About the conference

The event is designed for DP’s and producers of intermediate to advanced level, who wish to maximize their creativity, efficiency and technical mastery of their tools.

The DP Creative Conference is a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity, featuring 3 full days of training in multiple tracks, to cover technical sessions on various gear, creativity sessions, and business and career panels/advice. Ample time will be planned for networking and birds-of-a-feather interactions.

What You Will Learn

Visionary instructors will guide you through topics that span technical, creative, business, and career considerations.

Technical subjects include camera movement, lenses, lighting techniques, and HDR. You will also learn networking and marketing skills to be successful in a creative business.

The Experience

The DP Creative Conference is a unique networking opportunity where you’ll engage with your fellow creatives throughout the weekend. Learn, share, discuss, and most importantly, have fun with your peers.

Lighting Masterclass

Learn the art and craft of lighting from one of the top DPs working today. You will gain invaluable experience through practical, hands-on demonstrations in a real working set.


Learn the properties of different lenses. This technical and aesthetic information will help you select the best lens for a project or desired look.

Creating Mood with Lighting

Learn how lighting can be used to tell a story, shape characters, and elicit emotions in the audience. This workshop is a mixture of lectures, real-world examples, and hands-on practice.

Shaping Light for Faces

Learn how to light faces to tell a story and create emotions. This workshop includes theory, practical demonstrations, and hands-on practice.

Camera Movement as a Storytelling Tool

Explore different types of camera movement and how they can be used for storytelling purposes. This class includes live demonstrations by professional operators.

Technical and Creative Applications of HDR

HDR isn’t just for high-end productions and post. Learn how to incorporate it into your projects now in order to communicate your creative intent, and how to discuss HDR with other creatives.

The Business of Being a Cinematographer

Learn practical skills to advance in your career, such as marketing, working with unions, when to get an agent, and what to consider when buying your own gear.

3-day pass - $945 - includes:
  • Access to all 3 days of training sessions
  • Access to Keynotes and Panel Discussions
  • Access to social events
  • Access to Expo Night
  • Raffle Participation
  • Included Meals – breakfast and lunch daily
  • Event Swag